Episode 14: The Registry Pattern

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What It Is, When to Use It & How It Fosters Flexible, Bug-Free Code

From the moment we decide to use a JavaScript object as a general-purpose hash table, we can no longer rely on any of its inherited properties.

– Guillermo Rauch, Author of Smashing Node.js

Still using object literals as hashes in JavaScript — only to suffer the buggy consequences later? This screencast is for you. This 30-minute, example-packed deep dive is perfect for the intermediate-level Javascript coder who wants to learn a simple-yet-powerful way to reduce complexity and build more flexible, extensible code at the same time. The Registry Pattern is an incredibly versatile tool you can use to solve a variety of data-structure problems in JavaScript, from storing simple key-value pairs, to creating robust event-handling systems, to implementing code-as-configuration.

In just 30 minutes, this high-quality, downloadable screencast will show you:

  • the fundamental structure of a well-designed, reusable registry object
  • how to prevent serious data-structure headaches by using registry objects instead of object literals (trust me, this alone is worth knowing!)
  • how to create open, flexible, and extensible registry objects that play nicely with others
  • how to use registry objects as the basis for all kinds of design patterns, including complex event systems with multiple handlers

If you’re a developer who’s eager to break through to the next level with Javascript, this practical, step-by-step tutorial will definitely help get you there.

  • davilious

    I have read a lot about the registry pattern and watching this screencast finally I got it :), man, this is awesome! Thanks for it!

    • http://mutedsolutions.com Derick Bailey

      awesome! glad you found it useful :)

  • David Tang

    great video! like how you brought up practical scenarios of where it can be used. I’d love to see more episodes on other design patterns. Any plans for that?

    • http://mutedsolutions.com Derick Bailey

      thanks, David! yeah, i’ve got more like this coming down the line… i’m trying to find a balance between tools, language stuff and patterns. it can be a tough balance to find, though, especially when there are a lot of fundamentals things that i need to cover for some of the tools