Episode 5: JavaScript Objects & Prototypes


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Much of the modern software development world runs on the ideas of class-based, object oriented development paradigms. These types of languages are sometimes called “classical” or “classy” because they use a class-based inheritance system to define objects. JavaScript is also object-oriented, but is not a class-based language. Rather, JavaScript uses a prototypal inheritance system where objects inherit from other objects.

In this episode, you’ll see:

  • Basics Of Objects
  • Object Literals
  • Functions As Objects
  • Constructor Functions
  • Object Prototypes
  • The Inheritance Chain
  • Augmenting Prototypes
  • Class-y Inheritance
  • Object Types
  • and more!

There’s more to it than just objects inheriting from objects, though. So join me as I explore and explain objects, prototypes and prototypal inheritance in JavaScript. We’ll walk through the basics, how inheritance works, build a class-y inheritance framework and more!