Episode 2: The Jasmine Standalone Runner (FREE!)


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In recent years, JavaScript has moved from a toy language and necessary evil for making websites interactive, to a first class citizen in the software development world. Along the way, better methods of working with JavaScript have been developed – including the ability to unit test. Join me as I show you the basics of how to install and use the standalone version of the Jasmine testing framework, to write unit tests for your JavaScript.

In this FREE episode, you’ll see:

  • Download Jasmine
  • Jasmine’s folder structure
  • PlayerSpec.js
  • The guts of a test
  • Custom Jasmine matchers
  • Writing our own spec
  • Running our spec

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  • Sean Conlon

    Great info on Jasmine. While I’m purely a RESTful back-end developer at my current gig, our web developers are using nothing but Vaadin for their JS needs. Google searches have not revealed much in the use of Jasmine to test Vaadin, but I thought I’d see if you have any experience or heard of anyone using Jasmine to test Vaadin? If so, any recommendations or gotchas?