Episode 7: Building A Backbone Plugin (Live)


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A Live, Largely Unedited Look At Building A Plugin

In the very first episode, I walked through the process of refactoring an existing plugin for BackboneJS. We looked at what it really took to move from one large, monolithic object, into a set of smaller and more focused objects. But I never showed what it took to get that project off the ground and built up to the point where we started.

In this episode, then, I’m going to walk through the tools and processes that I use to create a new plugin for Backbone. I’ll start by creating a ruby environment to run the Jasmine gem so that I can write the plugin test-first. I’ll configure Jasmine, I’ll run the tests, and I’ll implement the functionality in a test-first manner.

Along the way, you’ll get to see and hear my thoughts on creating the plugin, how I approach the test-first style of development in JavaScript, and see what I do when I run in to problems.

In this episode, you’ll see:

  • Setting Up A Project
  • Configuring The Jasmine Gem
  • Test-First JavaScript
  • Mistakes And Corrections
  • Packaging With Grunt
  • Creating Basic Documentation
  • Deploying To Github

(Note that this is a live recording! While I have done some light editing in order to break up the episode in to chapters, and fast-forward through a few key moments, the pace is generally slower than my scripted episodes.)

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