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“After watching a couple of Derick's videos, he addressed pretty much the exact problem I was facing, and said ‘well, this is the way you can solve this with just a small snippet of code.’ That pretty much changed the entire way I thought about my application.”

— JUSTIN NEL, multi-platform programmer, game developer

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    Why spend hundreds of dollars (and hundreds of hours!) on dry textbooks that force you to read endless filler just for a few usable gems? With Watch Me Code, you just load up the specific video you need and get the exact solution you were looking for — in concise, 10-to-15 minute bites.
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    Stop putting yourself at the mercy of JavaScript’s oddball quirks. With Watch Me Code, you’ll truly understand every line of JavaScript you write, and be able to ship complete, stable solutions you can easily explain — or even teach — to your teammates.


Meet Your JavaScript Guide, Derick Bailey

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  • Multiple-time JavaScript conference speaker
  • Creator of the wildly popular Marionette.js framework
  • Co-author of Building Backbone Plugins
  • Trusted by more than 4,000+ developers

"For me at least, @derickbailey is the new @rbates. He’s got a screencast or blog post on everything I am doing in JS.”

—RUSSELL JONES, @codeofficer

“Learn some JavaScript from this guy because he’s a genius. Well worth the money.”

–CORY WEBB, @corywebb

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