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Episode 72: RabbitMQ Send & Receive w/ amqplib

Now that you’ve seen how to send and receive messages with the management plugin, it’s time to see how to do this in code. In this episode, you’ll learn about the “amqplib” library for NodeJS – along with why there is some confusion on it’s name (“amqplib” ? or “amqp.node” ?). This driver for the […]


Q&A 3: Are Variables ByVal or ByRef, For Functions?

In day 2 of my Mastering JavaScript “this” email course, a reader asked me about some code that was shown. He had a question that was tangentially related, wondering if replacing a method on an object would replace a variable that was previously pointing to that method: The question centered the idea of variables by […]


Episode 71: Exchange and Queue Basics

Having set up RabbitMQ and familiarized yourself with the basics of managing it through both the console and the management plugin, it’s time to dig in to Exchanges and Queues.  Exchanges and Queues are the core things that you will work with in RabbitMQ, allowing you to send a message through an Exchange and have […]

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