Episode 1: Refactoring JavaScript (Live!)


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Are you looking at a giant pile of JavaScript, wondering how you can pull it apart and make sense out of it? I was. When I started looking at implementing new features in my Backbone.Memento plugin for Backbone.js , I didn’t know how I was going to make it work. With a little time and effort, though, I was able to untangle the mess and set up the code so that it can be maintained and modified with ease.

In this episode, you’ll see:

  • JavaScript modules
  • Locally scoping objects
  • Separating concerns
  • Init-time branching
  • Real-world refactoring
  • And much more!

Join me as I code through a real-world refactoring of a monolithic JavaScript project, live – turning a mess into a manicured work. You’ll see me work in real-time on this project, with no edits and no pre-recorded script. Learn from the mistakes I make and how I work through them, too. It’s like pre-recorded pair programming!

  • http://www.websimcoe.com/ Kirk Quesnelle

    I enjoyed this one… and the book recommendation

  • Veer Havik

    Is this on video somewheres? I’d really like to see it.